Auto Čačak Komerc - 20 years together | Аuto Caccak Komerc - IVECO commercial vehicles and trucks


This year, Auto Čačak Komerc is celebrating two decades of successful business and cooperation with the renowned European brand Iveco, a leader in the field of alternative drives. Successful cooperation was started in 2002 in Čačak with one service center and ten employees. Since then, with complete commitment to the Iveco brand, Auto Čačak Komerc has been recognized as a reliable partner in the field of transport and logistics. By constantly investing in employees and means of work, in 2018 the company went one step further and was appointed as the general importer on the Serbian market.

Ensuring financial stability on the market, a complete range of products and sales results of over 700 vehicles on an annual level, with today’s opening of the newest service center in Belgrade (Makiš) equipped and organized according to the highest Iveco standards, Auto Čačak Komerc continues to improve the quality of services.

We are sure that thanks to the experience, already established tradition and professionally trained team, the company will continue to occupy a leading position in the years to come. The satisfaction and trust of clients and associates represent a new challenge for the future, an inspiration for new victories and achievements.